PEDS® has been revised as PEDS-Revised® (PEDS-R®) to improve the ability of all parents to raise concerns. PEDS® is tentatively scheduled to be replaced with PEDS-R® in late August or early September of 2021. PEDS® depended on parents to spontaneously share their worries without prompting. Parents with limited education and/or difficulty speaking English tended not to volunteer concerns about global/cognitive and other/health issues. To address this challenge, PEDS-R® adds two questions that prompt for global/cognitive and health concerns. You can view a detailed description of PEDS-R® on our research website. Please contact us if you need additional information or have any concerns.
Professional use of PEDS Online requires a license. All licenses are assigned with a unique username and password and allow the professional user to administer PEDS online for a specific number of times. For more information, please make your request using our online contact form.

To begin a new PEDS screen test, enter the login username and password you were assigned at the time your license was issued.

Screens are scored immediately upon submission.

Parent Portal

You can also send your patient parents to the PEDS Online test directly from your website.
For more information about our "Patient Portal System" and other custom programming options, click here


Licensed PEDS Online users are now able to view a history of their screens and download patient screen information for integration with your Electronic Medical Records.

Myadmin contains your account information and screen history