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About PEDStest Online

PEDStest Online provides screening and assessment tools to identify children with developmental-behavioral-mental health problems from birth to age 8, via our online screening service; PEDS Online
PEDS Online offers a secure, real-time solution for administering PEDS, PEDS:DM (screening or assessment level) and the optional M-CHAT-R electronically.

  • Instant, automated (error-free!) scoring
  • Creates a unique record for each encounter
  • Produces a downloadable/printable report of scored results
  • Generates a summary report for families
  • Generates Billing and Procedure codes
  • Produces referral letters for sharing with other providers
  • Integrates with any EHR
  • Licensing includes print versions of PEDS in multiple languages (currently 45+, in case these are needed for waiting/exam rooms)
  • Can be used from multiple locations
  • Full Administration Panel for searching & editing completed screens

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How to Use PEDStest Online


If you are one of the follwing (Primary Care, Head Start/Early Head Start Programs, Preschools, Daycare, School-based Health Clinics, NICU/EI Follow-up, Intake, & Research) You can sign up for a FREE trial (worth $30-$70 value)!



If you have an active PEDS Online account, you can send your parents here to log in with your PORTAL USER credentials. If you are a parent and your provider has asked you to complete PEDS Tools for your child, click here to log in.



If you are a parent or caretaker and have concerns about your child, you can click 'Start Test' button to take 2 screening and assessment measures. You’ll be provided with a report that you can take to your Primary Care Provider or Pediatrician. The measures you’ll be taking are PEDS+ PEDS:DM-Assessment Level and will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

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