Online Developmental & Behavioral Screening for Kids

Highly accurate, validated online tools providing developmental and behavioral screening plus ongoing surveillance.


PEDStest Online provides screening and assessment tools to identify children with developmental-behavioral-mental health problems from birth to age 8, via our online screening service, PEDS Online
PEDS Online offers a secure, real-time solution for administering PEDS, PEDS:DM (screening or assessment level) and the optional M-CHAT-R electronically.
  • Instant, automated (error-free!) scoring
  • Creates a unique record for each encounter
  • Produces a downloadable/printable report of scored results
  • Generates a summary report for families
  • Generates Billing and Procedure codes
  • Produces referral letters for sharing with other providers
  • Integrates with any EHR
  • Licensing includes print versions of PEDS in multiple languages (currently 60+, in case these are needed for waiting/exam rooms)
  • Can be used from multiple locations
  • Full Administration Panel for searching & editing completed screens

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If you are one of the following (Primary Care, Head Start/Early Head Start Programs, Preschools, Daycare, School-based Health Clinics, NICU/EI Follow-up, Intake, & Research) You can sign up for a FREE trial!



If you have an active PEDS Online account, you can send your parents here to log in with your PORTAL USER credentials. If you are a parent and your provider has asked you to complete PEDS Tools for your child, click here to log in.



If you are a parent or caretaker and have concerns about your child, you can click 'Start Test' button to take 2 screening and assessment measures. You’ll be provided with a report that you can take to your Primary Care Provider or Pediatrician. The measures you’ll be taking are PEDS+ PEDS:DM-Assessment Level and will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

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Who Uses PEDStest Online

PEDStest Online currently provides validated screening and assessment level tools to customers around the world. Clients include Pediatric Offices, Early Childhood Education and Intervention Programs, State and Local Organizations, Research Professionals, and also Individual Parents.

We have an active translation department with screening tests available in over 60 languages while also offering online screening tools in English, Spanish, & Chinese.

We welcome your inquiries, and would be happy to discuss how best to implement screening tools in your business.

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User Reviews

Wellchild has had a great experience since we set our contract with PEDStest Online. It is great that they have the forms translated into so many different languages. Good documentation, test scoring and referral forms generation. I strongly recommend this site to everyone.

Marisleydy SanchezCAO - Wellchild

The PEDS Online tool is part of a statewide initiative that connects children and their families to health, educational and social services. The initiative works in collaboration with several community-based maternal and child health organizations with the aim of increasing the percentage of children screened during routine well child visits.

Matt DennDelaware Lt. Governor

Dr. Glascoe and PEDStest Online have been instrumental in providing research related support and collaboration in support of our organization and it’s endeavors throughout the years. I can confidently recommend the services of PEDStest Online and it’s entire staff.

Maribel MarinExecutive Director - 211LA County


Please answer a few questions about your organization and screening needs. We will provide more detailed pricing information for PEDS Online shortly.

Frequent Asked Questions

What exactly is PEDStest Online?

PEDStest Online provides online screening & assessment tests. Screening tests are brief tools that sort children who probably have delays in development, learning, and behavior from children who probably don't. Screens do not give a diagnosis but only tell whether there is a reasonable chance of a problem. So screening tests can quickly and inexpensively give you advice and direction about whether more testing, services or parent education are likely to be needed.

Who can take PEDS screening & assessment tests?

PEDS is for children from birth up to 8 years of age.

Why is screening a good idea?

It is important to act fast and get help when it is needed. There are services that help parents learn how to help their children. And there are services to help children overcome or minimize their problems. Waiting keeps parents worried. When children have difficulties, waiting can make things worse. Children and families do better when problems are detected early and treated quickly. So, it is important to have your child's learning and behavior tested each time you see your child's health giver. This is strongly urged by the American Academy of Pediatrics and many other leading organizations.

What Tools does PEDStest Online provide?

Parents' Evaluation of Developmental Status (PEDS), PEDS: Developmental Milestones (PEDS:DM), PEDS:DM Assessment Level (PEDS:DM-AL) are three highly accurate, validated tools providing developmental screening and behavioral screening plus ongoing surveillance. For children over 18 months and under 5 years of age MCHAT-R is included in the tests. To know more check About Peds Tools

How does PEDStest Online work?

PEDS Listens to Parents! PEDS is a series of questions written and researched by faculty in the Departments of Pediatrics at Vanderbilt and Penn State Universities. PEDS was developed by working with more than 1000 children and their parents from all around the United States in four separate research studies published in national journals of pediatrics and early childhood education. In the studies, children were given PEDS plus diagnostic tests including IQ, language, emotional and social skills, fine and gross motor skills and so forth. Parents' answers to PEDS questions were then compared to the results of the diagnostic test batteries. PEDS does not identify specific problems such as autism, learning disabilities, speech-language impairments, mental retardation, or cerebral palsy. Only diagnostic testing can do this. Neverthless, PEDS identifies which children probably have such problems. PEDS also tells which children probably do not have problems

How does the PEDS Online Parent Portal work?

The PEDS Online parent portal allows parents to take the PEDS, PEDS:DM, and MCHAT-R measures self-guided prior to well visits. There are multiple ways to utilize the PEDS Online parent portal; sending parents directly to our site with your parent portal login information, including a link to the PEDS Online parent portal on your website, in-office kiosks/tablets, etc. A brief tutorial video on the parent portal (& other PEDS Online features) is located at: PedsTestOnline Brief Guide

How do you store data?

Data is stored on the site under each licensed user's agreement and unique license number. We use this for usage counting, billing, and annual reporting of screens administered and results. PEDS Online is a secure site, utilizing SSL, anonymized data, and following HIPAA guidelines where PHI is concerned. Please contact us for more details on how we protect your data!

Do you share our data with researchers?

We do not share pediatric encounter data with researchers without seeking permission from providers. If granted, we share only anonymized data.

For self-selected parents who come to the site outside of health care encounters, we reserve the right to share data, but again, only anonymized data is shared and researchers must provide appropriate IRB approval. Researchers who want to use the site for prospective data collection only have the right to use their own data, again with IRB approval, but are not allowed to use other site data.

What else does PEDStest Online Offer?

The site offers automated scoring, generates summary reports for parents, referral letters when needed, and ICD-10 and procedure codes to optimize billing. The site is easy to use, eliminates the need for hand-scoring and referral letter writing, and works well with or without electronic records. Each licensee has a unique administration panel that facilitates quality improvement initiatives and research. The test data is exportable and can be added to existing databases.

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