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This site is for families who are wondering whether their children are having difficulties with learning, developing, and behaving. Even if you've had testing done in the past you can see how your child is doing over time. Our service will help you find out whether your child needs additional testing, what kind of testing is needed, and what services may be helpful. You can do this by taking the PEDS: Developmental Milestones - Assessment Level® measure (PEDS:DM-AL®) with the option to take PEDS-R® and the M-CHAT-R screens (meaning short tests that sort those who may be having problems from those who probably don't). "PEDS-R®" stands for Parents' Evaluation on Developmental Status-Revised® (pronounced 'peeds').

The PEDS:DM-AL® is a mid-level assessment measure of development, social-emotional and mental health and will help you determine if your child does or does not need further diagnostic testing. The two short screening tests, PEDS-R® and the M-CHAT-R are also offered on this site. PEDS-R® will capture your concerns and unique description of your child and enable you to share this information and other test results with other professionals. The M-CHAT-R screens for autism. If a child is already confirmed to be on the autism spectrum you do not have to take it, but it will be offered at no extra charge.

Our Tools will help you find out:

  • Whether your child seems to need additional testing
  • Whether your child may need specialized teaching services or therapies
  • Whether careful observation and watchful waiting would be helpful
  • Whether you and your child seem to need information about things you can do at home to help him or her learn or behave
  • Whether your child seems to be coming along well and simply needs a once-a-year re-check to view his or her progress

Our Tools will also:

  • Give you an idea of whether your child is doing well for his or her age
  • Direct you to programs and resources for helping your child including those provided without cost under federal law
  • Link you to quality websites with good information on how to help your child learn and behave well

What else?

  • For children 18 months through 4 years of age, we will also offer you the M-CHAT-R without additional expense. The M-CHAT-R focuses on language, communication, social skills, and how a child responds to people and the environment, and tools for the possibility of autism spectrum disorders.
  • Screening test results do not give a diagnosis but they can help direct you to specific resources that seem needed.
  • Development develops! Developmental problems can too. We recommend you check on your child's development including behavior every 6 months to a year.

What does it cost?

The PEDS:DM-AL® costs $19.95 and includes the option to take PEDS-R® and the M-CHAT-R. After you take the tests you will be asked for payment via Credit/Debit Card (Stripe) before receiving results. In addition, if your child is between 18 months and 4 years of age, you will be given the M-CHAT-R without extra charge.