Links and Resources for Parents

Has links to local resources and detailed contacts by state for early childhood projects and services.
Has 51 handouts that can be downloaded for free. Written in English, Spanish, and French, they address such topics as divorce, disaster recovery and how to chose a psychiatrist.
Describes child-care books, videos, hand-held health records, waiting room magazines, etc.
Well maintained site with articles, online questionnaires and links to resources on a variety of parenting and family topics. Carries individual and bulk copies of books and brochures on such topics as adolescence, marriage, family cohesion, and child development, as well as a parenting program, Nobody’s Perfect.
From the South Australian Department of Human Services, this site has extremely rich information for parents on a huge range of psychosocial issues for teens and young children. Diapers are “nappies” and ear infections are “glue ear,” but other than that, the depth and quality of parenting advice is unparalleled.
This organization promotes early detection of autism and other developmental disorders through routing screening. They've assembled an information kit for physicians, and are planning a state-by-state rollout. Their site, launched in May of 2001, is a repository of information for both parents and professionals.
Find a Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician--professionals who specialize in children with unique learning needs.
From the Nemours Foundation, this site has excellent information on health and safety, emotional and social development and positive parenting.
This website has sections for parents and professionals interested in developmental and behavioral issues in early childhood. It houses parent information sheets (Adobe Reader is required) in various languages including Arabic, Bosnian, Chinese, Croatian, Somali, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese and English.

Resources In Canada

The site includes fact sheets for families and links for finding local services.
Has links to provincial associations to help locate local services, and information pages for families
Links to local services and fact sheets for parents
Links to forums, online support groups, services and information
Information for parents, students, and teachers, plus support groups and links to provincial associations and services.
Links to local services including a 24 hour hot-line, information on bullying, anxiety and other disorders, frequently asked questions, and informational pages
Father and son