PEDS Online(which includes the optional Modified Checklist of Autism in Toddlers) provides automated scoring, generates a summary report for families, produces referral letters as need, for sharing with other providers, along with ICD-9 and procedure codes. The site offers a parent portal (meaning parents can complete the measure(s) at-home or via office kiosks but will not see the results. Rather, providers receive an email alert when a screen has been completed) as well as options for live interviews or staff transcriptions from paper-pencil administrations in the waiting room.

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PEDS Online Test Administration - By Provider/Staff or Patient Parent

Administration by provider/staff
You or your staff can access the online test by login using the logon and password values assigned to you at issue of your license. Upon successful login, you will encounter the first screen where subject data is entered (name or subject ID, birth date, test date, etc.) and all ten PEDS questions are presented. Test result scores are saved and displayed immediately after submission of the test responses (MCHAT-R optional and may be suggested). You may begin another test in this session if desired or may exit the test. Screen history and review is available to professional customers at any time by accessing their customer administration page(see below).

Tests that have been scored can not be edited or changed and must be resubmitted if incorrect.

PEDS Online Patient Portal

The Patient Portal option is for your patient parents to use in advance of their next visit and is available 24/7. Parents will not be shown the scored results. Use of the portal can be implemented in two different ways:

  1. We will provide a link to the Patient Portal that can be placed on your web site. This link can include partial logon information identifying the patient with your license. You must provide parents with the password.
  2. Direct URL: You send patient parents to our "Patient Portal" with logon/password values assigned to your license. We suggest you provide parents with a simple document containing this information.

Send your patient parents to the Patient Portal (in advance of their next scheduled visit) by way of link from your web site or send them to the Portal with username and password as indicated above. Upon completing the test the parent is directed to contact you for review of the results. Notification is sent to you by e-mail indicating that a screen has been submitted for Patient_Name with logon information to your customer administration page so that you may review the test.

Customer Administration Page

As a licensed client you always have the ability to view your account history, patient screens, expiration date and uses left. Slightly different logon information is required for viewing your administration page - Your username and license number separated by an underscore - ( example: YourUsername_101. )

Username / LicenseID required to access your administration page

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If you have a web site and would like to offer a link to PEDS Online screening directly to your patients, we will supply you with the appropriate HTML code to add to your site. We will need some additional information from you including the name of your organization or practice, current contact information and a yes/no for real-time e-mail notifications.

We are in continued development to accommodate your needs as they change. Please feel free to contact our technical administrator at any time:

For Billing, Licensing and General information contact:
PEDS Electronic and Online
1013 Austin Ct. Nolensville, TN. 37135
Phone: (615) 346-9550